Sunday, April 1, 2012

Times Flies!

My little Braelee Bug is growing up so fast! She turned 18months in february...i cant believe she is that old now! She is such a funny little character. Her favorite movie ever is Rio. She wants to watch it all the time and if im watching a show i want to watch she will walk up to the dvd player and turn it on and say Mommy RIO! She is obsessed with dancing...during Rio she just shakes her butt! its so hilarious...she loves the songs on Rio so much we actually bought her the sound track so now everytime we get in the car she says RIO! Its so funny to watch her dance in her carseat. She also has such a little attitude...if someone does something she doesnt want them to do she says "NOT COOL" and rolls her eyes. Man has she mastered the rolling of the eyes!

Yesterday we went up to the University of Utah to the graduation fair. We got dereks cap and gown! He graduates with his Bachelors degree in Business Accounting on May 4th! Im so proud of him and its crazy to finally see the end of school coming! He still has to get his Masters in Accounting which will only be 2 semesters so that will go by really fast! This winter he did an intership with an Accounting firm and they offered him a job when he graduates with his Masters so its nice to know that derek has a great job a year before hes even done with school! He is the hardest worker and i couldnt be more proud!

Im going to try and do better about updating my blog this year! Lets hope I can do it :)

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